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Welcome To MusicDock

Listen to your favorite satellite radio stations on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Windows Mobile device. Access the same Music, Talk, News and Sports channels available from your car and computer. Enjoy CD-quality sound from over 120 channels including Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony and Oprah Radio.

- Auto-Login
- Easy Access to Favorite Channels
- See what's playing within the channel list
- Real-Time song information with Album art
- No account setup required. Just use your existing satellite Radio Online login
- Background listening in iOS4 
- Free

- Satellite radio online subscription
- Mobile device with an internet connection of 32Kbps (GPRS) or higher
- Supported Devices:
  - iPhone
- iPad
- iPod Touch
- Windows Mobile devices via the web player

Windows Mobile users can access the web player at the link below:

What's New
Aug. 26 2011
Version 1.2 of the iPhone App is now available in the App Store
Nov. 24 2010
MusicDock App now supports SIRIUS Canada and XM Online+ Canada
Sep. 22 2010
Version 1.0.5 of the iPhone App is now available in the App Store
Aug. 16 2010
Version 1.0.2 of the iPhone App is now available in the App Store
Jul. 29 2010
The FREE MusicDock App for iPhone and iPod touch is now available in the App Store
Nov. 23 2009
Fixed: Some Windows Mobile devices can't open the stream
Nov. 21 2009
Fixed: Channel Category Navigation
Nov. 30 2008
Updated Channel Lineup
Nov. 30 2008
Fixed: Add/Remove Favorites
Oct. 8 2006
Server Upgraded. Improved site performance
Aug. 10 2006
Mini XM is now MusicDock
Jun. 4 2006
Two Channel Selection Modes now availabe: Icons or List
Jan. 28 2006
Real-Time Song Information with Album art now available to all users
Jan. 14 2006
Real-Time Song Information (Beta)
[Only available to users registered before 01/01/06]
Nov. 5 2005
Online Exclusive and AOL Radio channels added
Nov. 4 2005
Channel access optimized for faster performance
Nov. 3 2005
Desktop version now displayed on Mac instead of the mobile version
Nov. 3 2005
Fixed: "File format not recognized" when a channel is selected on some devices
Oct. 29 2005
mobile.musicdock.com setup to bypass automated device detection. Use this if you see the desktop version of the site on your mobile device.
Oct. 28 2005
Account setup no longer required. eMail & Password can be used directly
Oct. 21 2005
Stream file structure updated for direct stream access
Oct. 20 2005
MusicDock launched

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