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You should find the answer to most of your questions in the section below, if you have any additional questions, please feel free to send an eMail to support@musicdock.com  

Do I need to be a satellite radio subscriber to use MusicDock?
Yes, MusicDock requires a satellite radio online subscription.

MusicDock reports that my Username/Password are invalid even though I know they are correct.
Please make sure you have an Online subscription that allows you to listen to SIRIUS/XM online and that you can listen with the same credentials that you're attempting to use with MusicDock.

The credentials for the Online subscription are different from the credentials used to manage your account.

For more information about the Online subscription, please visit:


What Satellite Radio Services are supported by MusicDock?
The MusicDock iPhone App supports both SIRIUS and XM Satellite radio. The web based player currently supports XM satellite radio only.

How Much Bandwidth does MusicDock Use?
Bandwidth usage depends on your Audio Quality setting. With high quality audio enabled (128kbps) MusicDock uses about 60MB for each hour of listening. With high quality audio disabled (32kbps) MusicDock uses about 15MB for each hour of listening.

Is there a MusicDock App for Android?
The streaming protocol used by SIRIUS/XM for their online service is not currently supported by Android. Therefore we're not able to offer the MusicDock App on the Android platform at this time.

Can I use MusicDock on the Palm Treo 650 or other Palm OS powered devices?
No. Unfortunately satellite radio streams are only available in Windows Media format and Palm OS does not currently support this type of streaming.
MusicDock however can be used on the Windows powered Treo 700w.

How can I quickly access MusicDock on Windows Mobile Devices?
The fastest way to access your satellite radio channels is to add MusicDock to your favorites and enable the auto-login option.

- Visit mobile.musicdock.com on your mobile device
- Enter your eMail and password
- Check "Save my login on this device"
- Click on "Login"
- Go to the "Favorites" menu
- Add current page

Next time you want to access MusicDock just select it from your favorites.

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