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Great job
By: NCGeoff
I hope support can be added for the sports play by-play channels (861-889), but I'm very satisfied with this apps functionality.
By: Yreffej
Works better than Sirius app. No time delay. None of the other problems with Sirius.
Great app
By: Fadedloko
Awesome. I can listen to Sirius without paying the $3 a month charge. Works great too.
By: ScottAult
It lets me use my online listening for my Sirius account. What more could you want?
Thanks goodness!
By: ColinO'Donnell
Wunder Radio crapped out so I was left scrambling for a new app for Stern without having to pay the ridiculous $2.99/month sirius charge after I already paid for the lifetime membership. We have a winner, thanks!
Good app
By: Loudrex
Works great!!! Took my sirius receiver out of my car.
Don't even waste your time with the official SiriusXM app!
By: FlyingTerp
Music Dock is the way to go!
By: RobertSmith
This App works better than Sirius App. It even offers Air Play to use with extra speakers !!
Great app
By: Pegster54321
Much better than the Sirius app. Runs all night, where the Sirius app cuts you off after a while
By: Paulel1959
The best way to hear XM.
You need to reboot your phone after install
By: StudlyDudleyRev.2.0
Perfect app!!! I was dismayed at first at the long buffeting wait. I read a review about turning the phone off and back on after the install. I rebooted my phone and WOW! Buffeting took all of 3 seconds vs the full minute it took before the reboot.

If you like satellite radio this app is a must have! Now I simply plug my phone into my car aux input for satellite radio. I LOVE THIS APP! I am very critical of things that don't work as described. They knocked this one out of the park. It does what they claimed it would do.

I paid the $4.99 to stop the ads. Great investment for travelers.
Thank you!
By: CatherineBaumgartner
Dear MusicDock:
Thank you for making this app. After continued issues with the Sirius app, I am so happy to have something that works! Thank you so much for bringing me my daily dose of Wake Up with Taylor on Cosmo Radio. Stop by their Facebook page one day. We are constantly singing your praises!
-Little Efffer
Great app
By: SalA21
Works like it says. Fast and easy to use.
By: MoRinn
Musicdock plays SirusXm better than SirusXm! No problems at all!
By: BigDave2424
A must have app!!!!!!
By: GratefulRunner
If you subscribe to Sirius, you have to get this premium app. Worth every penny!
Easy to use!! great app!!
By: Spamnrice
I was searching for an app that worked better than my siriusxm official app. That one would always stop playing and loop and say data stream unavailable blah blah it would freeze etc. Music dock works awesome!!! Update I have had some issues with intermittent stoppage lately possible service issue but I use xmSirius app also
Music Dock
By: york.joshua
Best app for Sirius-xm in app store for accessibilty for blind users. I would suggest that you consider adding the sports play-by-play channels Sirius-Xm offers.
By: codgus
Finally an app that works great and doesn't require a premium SiriusXM account to listen. I have two lifetime memberships with Internet subscriptions. It's nice to know it's not a waste. That is if course for ever ling it lasts. One thing is a certainty, this will go away fast. Something will change to destroy this apps beauty.
Great app!
By: Jhpdx
Works flawlessly. Much better than Sirius app.

Please update to make it work with the iPhone sleep timer.
Best app for Sirius/XM
By: MaduroMan
The app works great. It is better than the official app and doesn't cost extra a month to use something that should be free any way.
Does what it's supposed too
By: RobertEckenrod
All in all, a very good app. I use this instead of the Official Sirius app because it is more stable and doesn't have the several minute delay the Sirius app does.
One weird bug, however. Sometimes the app will begin playing a channel by itself after I get a text message or a phone call. Other than that..all good!
Great App
By: StevenCopeland
Seems to work good, no freeze ups. Good job.
Great App
By: JamesAZ
Great App, but it loses my favorites a lot. My only problem I've had.
By: RichardWagoner
Have had no issues. Solid connections even when traveling... Love this app!
Great app!!
By: Bax138
Works as advertised. The SiriusXM constantly crashes and logs you out.
Works Great
By: CSinWI
Works a lot better that the regular app.
By: Dleeme
Sten back lifetime subscription (no premium needed) 3g works, wifi works.
Better than official XM/Sirius app.
By: ColonialViperPilot
Downloaded the Sirius app. Said I need to upgrade my sub. Have basic in my car.. So figured it would be fine. No it was not. Now this app. Logged on and was listening in seconds. Easy to use, fav. available great app!!!! Rock on!!
Renewed faith in technology'
By: NancyPierceBrumback
Coming from a 56 year old who hesitantly moved in to the iPhone religion... (I continue to be just fine w/ my 3GS!) I'm beyond giddy!
This App. Is like Christmas, the Easter Bunny, and like the original opportunity to have my 6 year addiction to Sirius on my IPhone!
I had to get a new device (3GS) under warranty and following the nightmare
of 2 separate appt.'s with the "genius"'s St the Apple
Store to save the data on the older
Original device being replaced ..all
My custom ringtones disappeared, many of My Purchased Apps. , Especially My Sirius app. Had become locked in a parallel universe and unaccessible.
I only have one NPR station and no PRI station! What's up with that?
as of today, I'm still able to have my Sirius once again! Thank You , so much!
XM at its best
By: TamerRashdan
Great app
welcome back
By: y3k-bug
the best satellite radio app is back with 3G support
Yes 3G is back!
By: crabylarry
THANKS for the fix! I have 3G back now!
By: DizzyD3087
I think this app is ten times better than the sirius xm app , but i have to say i wish it was as good as pandora as far as buffering and skipping goes. I mean i would be willing to pay upward of $5-$10 for an app that would just play without ever cutting off or buffering. and with that said music dock is still #1
By: DJAydinFox
Only app I use for Stern!!
By: Dudebrorbi
By: KrisMartin51
This new update seems to skip a lot. PS I did pay for the pro. ver.

Still one of my favorites.
3G is BACK!!
By: RossT.
This is back to 5 stars - FINALLY! A GREAT app - paid for upgrade a month ago and now happy I can use it on 3G again.
Very nice product for iPhone.
By: AdamProvost
Much more reliable than the actual XM Sirius app.
Works great
By: nickpawling
No problem ever on 3G, not sure were that came from. Much better sound and interface the siriusxm app.
By: Reesman357
Why did I pay for the app so I didn't have to have ads and now there are ads. I find them annoying. But overall a good app
By: Bull2010
This app will not work with 3G... What happened?
Just like Sirius
By: HelloKittyDancer
Great app. Does it all.
Better Than SriusXM app
By: Maddddmiggg
Better STERN!!
great app
By: jerome99
good especialy if you want to listen to stations your not subscribed to
Working again
By: Dman77777
It's back, Sirius lifetime subscribers can enjoy Howard and all Sirius content without paying $8.99 a month.
By: jeffxm
so much better then the Sirius/Xm app. :)
3G not an issue for me
By: IleneUlich
Not sure what the issue for others, but after reading the latest reviews, I turned my WiFi off & then connected with my 3G connection. It went thru the buffering, connected right up…been listening to 70s on 7 for awhile now.
So Happy!
By: DebbieLopez
After weeks of being without Howard, I finally deleted it. Tonight I figured I'd give it a try again and I was so happy to find Howard back on Music Dock! It's only been an hour, so I hope it isn't a fluke. 5 stars for now! Thanks for fixing the Howard situation!
A happy blind man
By: ChadwickP
I am blind and this app works with voice over, unlike the app from xm thank you 5 stars.
MusicDock Rocks!
By: T.C.
So much better than the SiriusXM app. I made love to the image of this app just this morning. XXXOOO
Mr Hoto
By: BabyBobbyb
Omg. This app rocks so hard over Sirius XM app. No cutouts repeat segments or stupid logout reminders.
Mr Hoto
By: BabyBobbyb
So Dope!
Lifetime subscriber
By: JeremyBelcher
I'm so happy to see this is working again for us that have the old "lifetime" subscriptions. Boo Sirius for trying to nickel and dime us longtime customers but a big YEAH to musicdock.
By: BrianBell
Great job folks!
By: RickSF79
Works perfectly, no "loops" or "lost data connection" with this app.
Music dock rules
By: TV9
I have sirius and finally I can listen to Stern on my iPhone much better than the sirius app where what they offer is limited I can listen to any channel now
Great job
Howard finally easy to listen to!
By: debbiedoesraw
Love this ap as the Sirius app SUCKED! I can listen to Howard and it sounds great! winning!
Music Dock is BACK!!!
By: JRock454
YES!!! Music Dock is working again for Lifetime subscribers!
Thank you Music Dock!!!!!!!
Sirius works again 7/3/2011
By: Aaron-stl
Before Sirius shutdown the legacy stream (32k) I used another app to listen to Sirius and didn't know about musicdock, now that Sirius is back up and running this will be the only app I use. Give em' 5 stars guys!
So happy fix your reviews
By: AdrianaWhitwell
I am so happy this app works again. If u were one of the people who ave this app a bad review because of something Sirius did I really wish u would come back and change your review
Great app again
By: George2112
Well done!
Works the best!
By: GT
Best Sirus/XM app! Great work! One of my favorite apps!
By: HowardGardner
For bringing Stern back for us lifies:p
MusicDock Lives Again!!
By: Flexor0709
Thank god for MusicDock! You've been resurrected to PERFECTION again!! Thank you Thank you!! I'm sorry for my bad review before the fix.
Sirius = best app ever!
By: Saul75
They have Sirius up again! Everyone upgrade to premium to show our support, I did :)
Great app
By: TheLashlarue
App works great sirius is a joke
By: Amyjack214
Love Music Dock! Works really well with my iPhone 4!
Sirius Lifetime Subscription
By: YippyYo
I love MusicDock. So much so, I paid for the Premium Upgrade. I don't actually know what the upgrade does for me other than support the app.

I am also a lifetime subscriber to Sirius. For two plus weeks, I've been without Howard Stern. I finally bit the bullet and decided to pay the extra $2.99 a month. I called Sirius and acted dumb about the entire situation. Sirius offered to upgrade my internet subscription to premium for free for 12 months. Boo-Ya-Ka-Shah!!! I'm back in business baby!!! -546-
Great app
By: Maecarl
Works great! Better than the Sirius xm app. Doesn't time out and I don't have to log in every time.
Much better than the Sirius xm app
By: romo238
Sirius xm app always freezes. I found this app from another review and couldn't be happier.
Works fine 4me. I don't have lifetime
By: PeterHaluszka
I have yearly sub so no problem. The best feature IMO is that you don't have to log in "EVERY" time, unlike Pocket Tunes! I like to listen to Howard during my walk from the car to work, where I log in online and don't get the message that I'm already logged on elsewhere. Buy it if you have the Sirius Internet option.
Good App
By: JamesDiCairano
This app works well. I wanted siriusxm app but only read bad reviews so I tried this. It works well however it takes a few seconds to load.
Sirius Radio F-ed us again!
By: simpledrums
This app used to work great till yesterday. Sirius. You will not get another dime from me! I'm a lifetime subscriber and that's what it means! I supported you in the early days and now you want to screw me. F-you. I hope Howard wins his lawsuit and you go under!NOT ANOTHER DIME!
Issues resolved same day
By: Mk23Bill
SiriusXM tried to screw their customers today and the MusicDock folks had a workaround in place the same day. Way to go, guys.
Stopped working
By: RRM123456
App stopped working yesterday for no reason. No response from tech support. Could someone please address this issue????
Great alternative to crashing Sirius app
By: AshleySkillz
I downloaded this app after a week of the Sirius app not working. This happens alot. I never have any problems with musicdock and love that there isn't a 5 minute delay.
Not working all of a sudden
By: Josh1229
I am a hug fan of this app and other then signal issues from time to time it's always worked really well. As of yesterday though it will start to buffer then automatically stop... I don't know what to do to fix it? Anyone else having this issue?
Great app
By: Cliffclavenn
Works same as on my desktop. Very happy!
By: MarkOrlowski
Fast on the uptake, not as clunky as PocketTuned can be at times. Time will tell if I have to re-enter my password.
The Sirius app would also crash on a regular basis, and like others, I have 2 lifetime subscriptions, and a number of 2-and yearly subscriptions, and refuse to pay another $2-3 a month for " premium " Internet access.
As for the 5th star, I reserve that to see if MusicDock remains stable, but so far so good.

Update: stable on iPhone and iPad 2, using the no-ad version (paid). Would like an alarm to use when I travel, and a iPad/universal version. Then I'll give the fifth star
So much better then Sirius!
By: Ash1038363920292632910
Sound quality really is so much better then sirius! Awesome app wish I found it sooner.
Nice Job but...
By: Born2R1
If there was a record function for playback I would easily pay twice the donation request for the ad free version. That would make it 5 stars.
No more Activity Timeouts
By: SmodKing
However, like one or two others, there are drop outs (some call it skips) when the audio stops and then a second or two later comes back.

Perhaps it's just network traffic, but it would be nice if it would "self correct" by buffeting or something.

Please look into it and correct.
Only way to listen to Sirius/XM
By: Erika223
Sirius app is useless, MusicDock makes it possible to listen smoothly without any interruptions
Great app when the Sirius ap is messed up.
By: Mph65
Normally I use the Sirius/xm app but there are times when it is screwed up and it's nice to have this as a back-up!
The ONLY way to listen to Sirius/XM
By: Jwalthour
Their own app is totally unusable because of the ever-present network error. Musicdock does a great job and, guess what, it works straightaway.
Very cool!!
By: HS4Prez
Ideal if u have a subscription to Sirius satelite radio! Much easier to use (and more reliable) than the Sirius app! But be warned, using this app will consume your data minutes quickly....but if you're on a limitless data plan, let the good times roll!!
Much better than the Sirius app!
By: BetsyF
I've recommended this to everyone I know who complains about the Sirius app. This one never crashes and I've never had an issue with it. The UI is great too. If you have Sirius and an iPhone, get this app and stop the frustration that comes packaged with the Sirius app.
Superb on the iPhone4!
By: DaveTinNY
Two thumbs up
Great overall XM App
By: ErnestSmith
==} Great overall XM App
Music dock
By: Sherriedrummer
Love it
Great app. Great price FREE
Great app BUT
By: Needtojam
Can't listen to Jam on since the new channel switch. What's up??
Please fix!!
Good satellite radio app but.........
By: Saabn
Need ability to record!!!!!!!!!! Then it would be 5 stars
great app, needs to update
By: vspvideo
Great app, but after Sirius changed lineup, cant get jam on anymore..
You guys gonna update this or what?? LOve it, but need the JAM
Why no JAM-ON?
By: MichelleGreen
This is an amazing app but why can't we get Jam-On? This app works perfect other than that. I have recommend it to everyone with a SiriusXM account .. And it's FREE!! Thanks!!!
Free user
By: Kcarpenter7
Good so far
Better than Sirius app!
By: Cynthia23
I have had no problems with the app - it doesn't timeout or crash, and I can see the full titles of songs finally <3 it!
Thanks for updating XM!!
By: GriffinAllen
Love the app...but
By: myoung00
All of a sudden, my Sirius times out after 5 minutes and I can no longer multi-task. May be a setting that's changed...not sure. I've tried everything.

Other than that, I couldn't be happier about this app!
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